Are you looking for some leadership and Service opportunities. Join Teens in Action where we prepare for service, conduct service projects, become servant leaders, and also have fun by having a number of social and outdoor activities.

Rising Sophomores and anyone else interested — Engage with Senior Citizens for a night of fun and celebration with a Seniors in various locations around the community, Activities are planned for October, November and December and include a variety of intergenerational activities.

Special Event Service Projects: These are activities held on evenings or weekends that engage youth in working with a variety of populations conducting service activities that better the community. These include volunteers who work with children, senior citizens, the disabled, veterans, the environment, and other community partners. Some projects have fees to cover the cost of transportation and meals as well as supervision of the young people.

Summer Camp Program Volunteers -Programs where students work with Camp Fire Staff at various Locations to deliver Camp Programs to youth who are in need of program due to poverty, educational needs, or special needs. Training begins in the Spring and is required to serve as aa camp volunteer
Students in Grades 9-12Semester of Service program which engages students in service learning and leadership activities and meets school service requirements in all school systems. This program is co-sponsored by Bishop McNamara High School, Forestville MD.

Campers in Leadership in Training CILTs Program – Students participating in this program participate in the Camp Fire Counselor in training program and upon completion of all levels of training are eligible for certification as Camp Counselors. The program prepares youth to serve as counselors in a variety of settings. Included in this program is a 2 night overnight camping program that prepares these youth for supervising youth in overnight camp programs and outdoor education. This is a 2 year program for Youth entering Junior and Senior Year of High School. The fee is in the Camp Brochure.

CF66 Service Learning Road Trip – Service learning trip engages students in service emersion in a variety of settings and with a variety of populations. Students Travel to a variety of locations within the Mid-Atlantic area and provide service around a theme.

issues of poverty, advocacy, and social justice and explore their own attitudes and feelings as they relate to these issues. Challenges designed by other students provide opportunities for critical thinking and analysis of problems. Trips take place on weekends, during school breaks, and during summer sessions. Fees include cost of transportation ,food, lodging, and supervision.