Meet our 2020-21 Interns

Camp Fire offers opportunities for students at local schools and universities as well as partner programs to complete internships to help prepare them for careers in social work, education, recreation and work with vulnerable populations. Students engage in the work of Camp Fire and our partner Communities Together Inc. to address needs of youth, families, and senior citizens. Student work during the school year, summers or in block placements to meet academic or program requirements under the supervision of our staff. Interested individuals should contact us at

Rachel (Burns) King
Program Director

Rachel started as an intern with Camp Fire in 2015. She has experience working in schools and communities, as well as working with mental health populations, low-income families, and people with disabilities. Rachel is fluent in American Sign Language and received her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and Deaf Studies at Towson University. She then continued her education at Gallaudet University where she earned her Master’s in Social Work. Rachel’s spark and passion is working with others to become the best versions of themselves, no matter what stage of their life they are in.


Anthony Macaluso is a Foundation Level Student in Social Work at the University of Maryland Baltimore.

Anthony is part of the first generation of his family to be born in America. His family immigrated to the USA from Italy. Anthony has a lot of pride in his Sicilian heritage. He was raised in a bi-lingual household with his parents and two older sisters.

Growing up, Anthony was sensitive to mental health issues and recognized the importance of addressing mental health as it affects all aspects of life. This led him to pursue a career in the field of mental health. Anthony studied at the University of Maryland Baltimore County earning a degree in Psychology, making him the first in his family to obtain a college degree. While studying at the satellite campus, The Universities at Shady Grove, he participated in the campus’ Psychology Students Association and rose to become president.

Outside of academics, Anthony works as a Behavior Technician providing ABA therapy to children on the Autism Spectrum in DC. On his off time, he enjoys collecting vintage video games, 3d printing objects, and DIY electronics projects.


Tiffany Mason is currently working towards my master’s degree in Social Work at the Catholic University of America in Washington DC. This is what she has to say about herself:

Very early, I had a keen awareness that whatever career choice I decided upon, it would be service oriented, simply because of the joy it gave me, then and now. I love helping people with various tasks especially children and the elderly. I have a strong love and passion for those populations as I feel they are more susceptible and vulnerable to the evils of the world. I am a woman of strong faith and respect God in all areas of my life. I am mom to twin boys and wife to my best friend and life partner, Pastor Nik. I am a plant lover and an avid gardener. I love to travel, go on nature walks and basking in the sun. I am a fitness junkie with a love/ hate relationship with working out. I never like the beginning of my workouts but I love the endings. I am an avid couponer that enjoys shopping for family and friends that may be in need of household essentials, food and hygiene items. I hope to gain from this placement, a diverse experience and body of knowledge that will soon ignite and spark the passion that leads me to my career path and open more opportunities for learning and growth. I look forward to gaining insight and receiving mentoring and guidance into this vast organization that will stay with me for a lifetime.

Matthew McQuilkin is a Foundation Level Social Work graduate student at University of Maryland Baltimore.

I live in Mount Rainier, Maryland with my husband Mike and our two dogs Hurley and Moxie. I have spent the past 15 years as the Director of Operations in the restaurant industry in the Washington DC metro area. From my work in this industry I realized that one of the things I was most passionate about in my job was guiding, advising and giving support to staff and colleagues. I decided to pursue this spark further by volunteering at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to gain experience in the world of social work. I am pursuing my MSW to become a psychotherapist with a focus on working with LGBTQ+ communities. In my free time I love hiking in the outdoors with my dogs, baking bread, doing yoga, and making pottery.

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